Monday, March 21, 2011

Buffet o' Laughs--Life as a Comic Ep 17

Welcome to Buffet o' Laughs, the latest episode in my completely sporadic series Life as a Comic!

In this episode, follow Rob as he and fellow comedian Ray Devito head to western New York for a one-nighter at a banquet hall. Will the small town crowd like these comedians from the big city? Will the local gun show outdraw the comedy? Will the local bars of Olean, NY be open after the show? These questions and more answered on the latest installment of Life as a Comic.

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Monday, July 05, 2010

Brooklyn Block Party--Life as a Comic Episode 3-2

In episode 3-2, join Rob and his comedy buddies as they take to the Brooklyn streets to perform at a block party in Fort Green. How can a comedy show succeed in the middle of the street in 90+ degree heat? Find out in this episode!

Many thanks to the comics: Peggy O'Brien, Victor Varnado, and our emcee Bob Powers. Also to the Greenlight Bookstore on Fulton St., who host Bob's monthly comedy spoken word series Steamboat.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Funnymoon in Vegas--Life as a Comic Season 3 Episode 1

We're back! A new episode of Life as a Comic is here! How have you been? It's been so long, wow, you look great!

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to start this video blog up again, I had a really good time putting this episode together.

Come with me on a one-day trek from New York to Las Vegas and back to perform for 20 minutes at a NASCAR track.

Sound weird? Of course it does! That's why you're coming along.


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Monday, July 30, 2007

Nooners--Life as a Comic Episode 2-4

Nooners--Life as a Comic Episode 2-4

Ever wonder what it's like to do a comedy show at noon in the cafeteria of a community college? Will it be as challenging as it sounds? Will the performer break down and cry? Will the students throw tater tots at him?

"Nooners," the affectionate term comedians have given these mid-day comedy shows, are tricky to pull off, and this latest episode of Life as a Comic follows Rob as he does a week of three nooners in central Nebraska.

So grab your tray, friend some friends to sit with and enjoy!

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Monday, March 19, 2007

College Conventions--Life as a Comic Season 2 Ep 3

College Conventions follows Rob P. to Peoria, Illinois where he performs for student union boards and student activities committees in hopes of landing college gigs.

See the expense, awkwardness, techical difficulties and more that go into showcasing at a NACA convention, which is something many comedians do to get college work.

Thanks to the folks at the NACA Mid-America region, as well as Rob's wonderful college agents, Kate and Robin at Joey Edmonds Presents.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Roadmobiles--Season 2 Episode 2


If you're having trouble viewing the video, try the version posted on

When a comic says he's 'going on the road' people don't often think about how he or she gets there and what condition the thing that gets them there might be in. Roadmobiles takes a look at the kinds of cars comedians tool around the country in; and showcasing their darlings of the interstate along with Rob are comedians Jesse Joyce and Ray Devito. See how comics deal with a vehicle that is their bread & butter, their home away from home, their office and their storage unit.

note from Rob:
Sorry for the static in some parts of the audio, I was using a new wireless lavalier mic and was picking up some interference from somewhere, probably cell phones. It's not too prevalent but I just thought I'd warn you so you don't think it's your computer.

Filmed on location on the road and in Queens!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Music & Comedy--Season 2 premiere!

Music & Comedy, a subject Rob knows well, explores what it's like to play music in the ranks of standup comedy. Rob talks with NYC-based musical comedian Joshua Grosvent about the trials and tribulations facing music/comedy hybrids, and you can see some of those trials and tribulations first hand as Josh explains how his big Summer Jam show almost didn't happen because the venue decided to close for the night!

Also featured in this episode are The Rob and Mark Show who didn't let a closed venue stop them from rockin' out on the street, along with the other performers from the night Baron Vaughn, Shayna Ferm, Schaffer the Darklord and The Hazzards.