Monday, January 16, 2006

New Video Blog Coming Soon!

Life As a Comic is coming!

I thought it might be fun to show people what it's like to make your living making other people laugh, so I'll take you along on some of my gigs. We'll be going all over the country, to the big cities and the podunk towns, to the green rooms and the "why don't you just sit here in the kitchen while we hook up the sound system"s across this great land of ours.

As for me, I'm a comic who's been at it for over ten years, I've done a few t.v. tapings for Comedy Central, I tour the country regularly, I've been to most of these United States and even overseas. This video blog will be my attempt to give you a little snapshot into what it's like. The driving, the hotels, the sets at clubs in New York, showcasing in L.A., and whatever else comes up throughout the year.

Stay tuned, and I'll have links up soon so you can subscribe to the feed and be instantly notified of new posts!

Rock on and I'll see you soon.