Thursday, February 23, 2006

College Gigs -- Episode 2

"College Gigs" is episode 2 of Life as a Comic, to view it click image above or here.

Are College Gigs non-stop parties full of hot coeds where comedians party all night long on campus or are they actually work? I started playing colleges early on in my career and I've played over 300 of them since, and I've learned they can be fun, and they can be terrible, but they never seem to be what people think they are when I say "I do a lot of colleges."

So check out the real nitty as I perform at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.


Blogger When In Rome said...

This is a really severely delayed comment. But holy hell man, how did you ever find an Arthur Treachers?! I thought those didn't exist anymore!

1:13 AM  
Blogger Poet of Prodigy said...

very awesome man, also do you have video with the video game set? the bowzer reference was pretty amazing

12:55 AM  

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