Monday, July 31, 2006

Party Boat -- Episode 10

Pirates! Sunken Ships!! Party Boat -- Episode 10 is Life as a Comic's summer blockbuster!

Follow Rob as he performs in a show on the Frying Pan, a 75-year-old Lightship that sunk, was salvaged, and is now docked on NYC's west side and used for parties. Journey down into the belly of the beast as the show takes place in the lowest deck of the ship and see what it's like to perform at an 'event' when the crowd is there to drink and mingle and not necessarily catch a show.

After the show you can hang out with celebrities, like TVs Mike Siegel from the Superstation!

Many thanks to co-producer Jon Friedman for having me on the bill and to everyone who was kind enough to watch the show in the hot and humid hold of an old salvaged lightship.


Blogger Unknown said...

Don't crowd the deck! You should have grown your long hair back for the piratey venue.

6:43 PM  

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