Sunday, October 15, 2006

Roadmobiles--Season 2 Episode 2


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When a comic says he's 'going on the road' people don't often think about how he or she gets there and what condition the thing that gets them there might be in. Roadmobiles takes a look at the kinds of cars comedians tool around the country in; and showcasing their darlings of the interstate along with Rob are comedians Jesse Joyce and Ray Devito. See how comics deal with a vehicle that is their bread & butter, their home away from home, their office and their storage unit.

note from Rob:
Sorry for the static in some parts of the audio, I was using a new wireless lavalier mic and was picking up some interference from somewhere, probably cell phones. It's not too prevalent but I just thought I'd warn you so you don't think it's your computer.

Filmed on location on the road and in Queens!