Sunday, October 15, 2006

Roadmobiles--Season 2 Episode 2


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When a comic says he's 'going on the road' people don't often think about how he or she gets there and what condition the thing that gets them there might be in. Roadmobiles takes a look at the kinds of cars comedians tool around the country in; and showcasing their darlings of the interstate along with Rob are comedians Jesse Joyce and Ray Devito. See how comics deal with a vehicle that is their bread & butter, their home away from home, their office and their storage unit.

note from Rob:
Sorry for the static in some parts of the audio, I was using a new wireless lavalier mic and was picking up some interference from somewhere, probably cell phones. It's not too prevalent but I just thought I'd warn you so you don't think it's your computer.

Filmed on location on the road and in Queens!


Blogger Standard-Utopia said...

Loved it and forwarded it to my boyfriend who is a car nut (so much so that he can put together a car out of flakes of rust… like a magical Golem car that defends you against public transportation).

I’m delighted to have found your blogs due to the wonderful people at (classical station in Seattle), who linked their site your “Pachelbel rant”. I guess they have a problem with Johann Pachelbel (loved the line "they are all named 'Johann'..."). I took cello in third grade, by the way. I can relate. I could barely reach around that resonating furniture to hold on to the bow.

Please, please, please give us more rants! Create the “Rants” DVD! I hear it could make a great present. So tell us, now, how do feel about Ravel's bolero? How many time does that motif repeat? I have a whole list of annoying classical stuff: The 1812 Overture, Radetzky March, Fűr Elise (aka "Beethoven going all Rumsfeld on us")... Yes, I have more but I’ll stop now.

Keep up the good work!

12:31 AM  
Blogger TaiwanMommy said...


You crack me up. Thanks for making me smile!


11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'ello 'ello good sir Rob,

My name is Daniel GreenWolf, a professional magician out of CT and, like you, I face many problems sometimes being accepted in certain venues because I do magic and comedy.

I found out about you from your Pachelbel Rant and I then linked to "Life as a Comic" and the coincidences between what I go through and what you go through are scary. ;-)

I was just wondering when you'll be making the next Life As a Comic. Please keep them coming.

-Much love,
Daniel GreenWolf

1:54 AM  
Blogger Jan Zawadzki (Hapara) said...

Hey Rob - greetings from New Zealand! We greatly enjoy your show - it'd be great to see you should your travels take you down south.

I'm sure you'd enjoy a bit of a break in the south Pacific too?

Thanks for great videos, they always have us laughing!


6:55 PM  
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